Kuello in X P by Zen Interiors ..25 av de Mérode. 1330 Rixensart Belgium..

Mobilart Galerie Vernissage jeudi 2 May 2019
Mobilart Galerie Vernissage jeudi 2 May 2019
X Po#K#Creperie Bretonne
Rue Robert Bousacq 5 
1330 Rixensart 

Until Mars 2019

Expo "pre de chez nous " Restaurant 2018

 The soul is hungry. Of fear, of beautiful, of real, of crazy, of sacred.
KUELLO grafted his lens objective to the soul and his soul has the goal objective. To deliver cash, raw, dazzling ... all his states. His own, their own, their horizons, his outlines.
A heart beats. Again. He came out of vague waves, of the nothing-more. He took again high ways, lakes of summits, swarming streets, beds of rice fields.
He beats to the measure of a woman. It is an ode-dacity, a washed look, re-alive eyes. This is why he finally shows what they see, him and his soul.
Isa Gaudissart 





Aluminium print

La Main Pecheuse


Aluminium print


Nautilus off Touquet
Nautilus off Touquet